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At RDT Technologies, we Redefine Design Technologies. We empower Architectural, Engineering & Construction (AEC) enterprises globally to optimize costs by delivering BIM (Building Information Modelling), Documentation & Visualization services. Our clients use our cutting-edge services for project coordination & management, asset management, logistics planning, risk mitigation, collaboration & cost optimization. Our team of architects, engineers & draftsmen are experienced in delivering qualitative solutions for residential, commercial, hospitality & institutional buildings & complexes. 

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 Mission Statement – At RDT, we are reimagining design technologies.  Architectural, Engineering & Construction firms around the world have not fully embraced the technological advancements that the industry is undergoing. Our mission at RDT is to bridge the gap between people & technology. We closely work with clients globally to enable leveraging cutting-edge technologies to optimise costs & increase efficiencies throughout the design & construction process. Contact us to know more.



At RDT, we are experienced in delivering BIM projects globally. BIM, Documentation, Visualization and use of cutting edge technologies such as AR/VR is our forte.


We’re driving change in a continually disrupted business environment, using technology, creativity and innovation to rethink and redefine Design Technology.


Our team of engineers, architects & draftsmen use design-thinking strategies & agile methodologies to take advantage of advanced technologies. This helps us in delivering projects faster & with more precision.


We at RDT, we provide our clients with bespoke solutions at competitive prices with cutting edge quality and technology solutions.

Our Engagement Model

Engagement Model

Project Based

-Total upfront project pricing based on the deliverables & the scope of work
-Progressive billing per month

Studio Model

-A dedicated team of Project Lead & BIM specialists.
-The team works as an extension of the client organization with hassle-free communication and file sharing.

Hourly Model

-Progressive models delivered as required on a pre-approved flat hourly rate.
-Monthly invoicing based on actual hours utilized.

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