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At RDT Technologies, we Redefine Design Technologies. We empower Architectural, Engineering & Construction (AEC) enterprises globally to optimize costs by delivering BIM (Building Information Modelling), Documentation & Visualization services. Our clients use our cutting-edge services for project coordination & management, asset management, logistics planning, risk mitigation, collaboration & cost optimization. Our team of architects, engineers & draftsmen are experienced in delivering qualitative solutions for residential, commercial, hospitality & institutional buildings & complexes. 


We at RDT provide Drafting services to Architects, Engineers, Contractors and Engineers. We aim at providing End-to-End solutions using a design-thinking approach. Partner with RDT to get all your drafting and documentation work done.



At RDT, we are experienced in delivering BIM projects globally. BIM, Documentation, Visualization and use of cutting edge technologies such as AR/VR is our forte.


We’re driving change in a continually disrupted business environment, using technology, creativity and innovation to rethink and redefine Design Technology.


Our team of engineers, architects & draftsmen use design-thinking strategies & agile methodologies to take advantage of advanced technologies. This helps us in delivering projects faster & with more precision.


We at RDT, we provide our clients with bespoke solutions at competitive prices with cutting edge quality and technology solutions.

Our Offerings

Millwork shop drawings


Get details of all millwork designs. Our millwork shop drawing services are rendered by millwork suppliers and Architects prior to fabrication and installation of elements for the project.

Landscape drawings


Get in touch with our team for all your landscaping needs. We provide Landscape drawings consisting of Construction, Irrigation and planting plans & details.

Design Documentation


Our team helps AEC professionals to simultaneously provide 2D drawings according to their design and make changes as per redline markups with quick turnaround time.

Document Conversions


We provide paper to CAD conversion services to Architects, Builders, Contractors, Engineers and other AEC professionals to process Scanned documents/Sketches/PDFs to CAD as per needs.

CAD Conversion


Get in touch with RDT for the conversion of 2D CAD drawings to 3D models with precision and accuracy.

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